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Building our Library • Growing a Legacy

Our Mission

The mission of the Gretna Public Library Foundation is to provide additional financial support to supplement public funding of the library. This support may come from gifts, bequests, memorials, corporate sponsorships, and grants, and will help to secure the future of our library as an indispensable resource and a legacy for our community.

Our Goal

Currently, the Foundation is raising funds for the construction of a new library which will replace the two separate libraries. This new facility will provide informational, educational, and technological resources, as well as convenient space for community needs.

Our Members

Ann Mielke Bock - President • Paul Clines - Vice President • Vicki Duin - Treasurer • Sherry Tippery - Secretary • Jessica Applegate - Event Planner • Stephanie Fosbinder - Member • Jenny Elbracht - Member • Rod Rhodes - Member • Shawna Proctor - Library Board President • Krissy Reed - Library Director • Rebecca McCorkindale - Assistant Library Director

The Proof

Images/Gretna 2018 Study Exec Summary.pdf
Images/Gretna 2018 Study Conclusions.pdf